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Hagglesback - make us an offer!




At Things That Boys Like we’re fiercely proud that we’re an independent. We love that we’ve learnt many of your names, that we know what you like and that we can shake things up at a moment’s notice.

Yes, we LOVE being an indie, and with that in mind, we’ll be building on these independent roots from today onwards by reinstating a retail tradition that has slipped by the wayside over the years. To cut a long story short, we’re Bringing Back the Haggle.

To tell the truth, we already get people asking for a discount every now and then… and in most cases we’re happy to do so.  We admire the barefaced cheek of it, but not everyone knows that we’re receptive to such hutzpah.  So, consider this an invitation to everyone to make us an offer.  99% of the time we’ll be able to knock you some money off… the only question is how much.  Just a few rules:

  • We’re trialling this up until July. If it goes well, we’ll roll it out indefinitely (with the right to withdraw at busy times of year… yes, that includes Christmas).
  • We can only haggle Monday to Friday (Saturday’s are often too busy to spend time haggling, sorry).
  • We won’t be haggling on products that are on multi-buy, BOGOF offers and the like. Items that are in our regular sales are fair game though.
  • Please be polite and don’t be too downhearted if we can’t accept your offer. Staff will let you know the bottom line and will not be able shift from that.

Assuming the in-store trial goes well, we’ll launch online haggling early this year too.  Seen a product on our website that you want a quid off? Ask us for a discount.  Don’t want to pay postage?  Tell us it’s a deal-breaker. Want a free gift with your order?  Fair enough, we’ll throw something in! We’ll let you know the bottom line and then it’s your choice whether to take the offer or not.

We’re probably being a little ambitious, but we’re hoping that this will be the start of a movement and other independent retailers will Bring Back the Haggle too!  With that in mind, if you’re a retailer who wants to get involved, let us know and we’ll publicise your business on #HagglesBack social media and the website when it’s launched in the spring.

So… what are you waiting for?  Make us an offer and save some moolah!